Gansz, David.  Millennial Scriptions.  Ann Arbor, Michigan, OtherWind Press, 2000.

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"One of the most engrossing poems I've read in years...Millennial Scriptions interests me convinces one to live with it, like a great painting or great piece of music...This work is truly lovely, immense, moving...He is the most interesting & moving poet of his generation and, of all living poets, one of a tiny remnant who touch the springs of deep Poetic Intelligence".
-- the late Leland Hickman

"...the most interesting, even alarming, first book of poems in a long while...what a complexity he brings out in these verses, steaming athanors of prime contradictions, words scorched over words...It is a tribute to his inchoate genius...Gansz understands as so few have...We need him".
-- Robert Kelly in Notus

"...a poetry of dense, multi-level, sensual tells of an alchemical transformation...Gansz makes a case for the function of hermetic lore in language...".
-- Stephen Ellis in Tyuonyi

"Gansz' project is spiritual...a fleshly allows us to wed the world...His words are sown in the spiritual awakening of humankind".

-- Bruce Campbell in Temblor

"...he is among those working towards a wiser and more profound and human understanding".
-- the late Kathleen Raine

"...much to our satisfaction...a curiously antique quality coupled with the new or newest that I've never seen achieved before".
-- the late George F. Butterick

"...there is a richness that rises and descends like a landscape of some distant place...It does haunt like a voice from the Dark much light/fire and darkness cross hatching each other, sparking through minerals and aperatures, ageless landscapes...An ongoing love poem to Christ".
-- Barbara Jordan

"...beyond the generosity or openness of the element of risk one finds in...Gansz...".

-- David Miller in How the Net Is Gripped: A Selection of Contemporary American Poetry (England)

"...neat, particular, resistant music...embodied spirit. The feel of it is at once ancient and immediate...".
-- Michael Palmer

"...a very engaging medley of extraordinary echoes".
-- the late Robert Creeley

"His facility with the language is a marvel...".
-- DAF Fellowship Panel

"...a strange, stirring combination of the devious and the sublime...these poems...defy common sense".

-- Clark Allison in Notus

"...Gansz treads a fine line between incantation and hallucination".
-- Bridget Penney in Haiku Quarterly (England)

"I love the density, difficulty, convolution...the 'lunatic fringe' of the 'marginalized'".
-- Phillip Foss

"It is a extraordinary performance...".
-- the late Dick Higgins

"It sounds like a cross between James Joyce and Beowulf".
-- Ed Sanders

"...reinventing Saxon...".
-- Bradford Morrow

"...nourishment & articulation from the depths of eroticism, mystery and forgotten language".
-- Kristin Prevallet

"I thoroughly enjoyed the work and sensed its implications as major...a currently fresh pursuit and a reignition of earlier demands and desires in Milton and Spenser".
-- Steve McCaffery

"...devotion & vigor...strange, mysterious & clear...".
-- Nathaniel Tarn

"...integrity and intractability...I appreciate the rigor".
-- Charles Bernstein

"I'm impressed by its indeflectibility...".
-- Christopher Ricks

"...undeniably exquisite...".
-- John Taggart

"There's good language intelligence at work & play...I can only applaud the effort".
-- the late Cid Corman

"I'm very impressed".
-- Gerrit Lansing

If this is English, it's the author's own version. We have no real idea what this is about; our keywords are just guesses and there is no copy on the dust jacket or anywhere else to help explain.
The "prelude", From Truth to the Tribe, makes no more sense than any of the rest of it!

Michael Houghton, Owner

Ben Franklin Bookshop, Nyack, New York