Eric Schoenberg...

... holds Earl McLaughlin's 1926 Martin 0-28K
in front of his shop, Schoenberg Guitars, in Tiburon, California, in 2001.

The guitar travelled  2,750 miles from Ralston, Pennsylvania, to Tiburon.

This was its first trip in 75 years.

Eric converted the guitar to Spanish style playing, and was the first person to play it thusly.

David Gansz...

... a College administrator by day and amateur guitarist by night,
has a special interest in the history of the guitar in Hawaii.

While visiting the San Francisco Bay area in the Spring of 2002,
he stumbled upon Earl's guitar in Eric Schoenberg's shop.

He acquired it, and proceeded to research the leads on the
documents that accompanied the instrument.

His investigations resulted in conversations with Earl McLaughlin's
grand-daughter and Jacob Janet's son and daughter.

Realizing the historical significance of the guitar,
he contacted C.F. Martin IV in Nazareth, Pennsylvania.

The Martin Guitar Company purchased the guitar for their Museum.

Thus, 75 years after C.F. Martin III sold the guitar and case in 1927,
his grandson, C.F. Martin IV, bought them back in 2002.

Today the guitar resides in the Martin Museum,
having returned home to the place where it was made.